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Ticket to Europe

An Existential Visual Novel About Refugees

It’s the beginning of the year 2020. You are a frustrated thirty-something wannabe writer from Warsaw who decides to make something out of himself. You will amaze the literary world with your earth-shattering book about refugees. It will inspire crowds and galvanize hearts, and expand minds, and change the world in all the right ways.

Before you prepare your Nobel Prize acceptance speech, there is only the trivial matter of actually travelling to Africa to gather some notes for the story. You have an ingenious plan to smuggle yourself onto one of the illegal boats that travel to Europe from the shores of Africa while pretending to be a refugee yourself. Surely nothing can go wrong and you are NOT completely out of your depth. Surely.

Ticket to Europe is an interactive fiction adventure game about refugees set in contemporary Europe and North Africa. Illustrated with hand-drawn graphics. Inspired by true events.

Ticket to Europe
  • TBA

  • Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), Android, iOS

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