Our Philosophy

To make ambitious games

We want to show that video games can be more than just entertaintment, but vehicles for exploring the very depths of human nature. While serious art is already being created in the medium, its true golden age is yet to come. We want to play our part in the cultural revolution that will unshackle the full potential of video games as the new language of narrative art.

To tell great stories

We want to tell beautifully crafted stories that matter and make you care. Bold, authentic stories must have the freedom to be individualistic, even iconoclastic. Quality storytelling shouldn't pander to popular tastes—it must always strive to challenge, to defy expectations, to bring unforeseen insights, including uncomfortable truths about human nature.

To be unapologetic

We want to explore new and controversial territories which are both important and interesting. There’s so much more to be found off the beaten track. Even if we go too far off course, we believe it's better to be wrong than narrow-minded.

To stay independent

Everyone claims this. We mean it. We started Act Zero so we could do things our way. We are creators first, not business people. The growth of the company will never become a goal in itself. We want to spend our lives loving what we do, and if that sounds Quixotic, so be it.

Not to take ourselves
too seriously

We strive to be profound without being pretentious. This applies not only to our games, but most of all to our work ethic. Sometimes it's more important to take a break, look at your work from a distance, text your grandma.